Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach Reads Summer Challenge: Week #5

You remember that I hosted the second week of this Challenge, too, right? If you don't, check and click on the links below to see what you've missed!
You must have seen three awesome giveaways, and want to participate, I assume. What do you have to do? It's super simple: head over to A Fanatic's Book Blog and sign up for the Challenge. It couldn't be easier, could it? Any doubs or suggestions, please, contact me or the other girls.

This week, as you must have realized, I'm the one who's hosting it, again. So, here's what I'll be posting for you during the week from
July 29th to August 5th:
  • Thursday, July 29th - Calendar + What I've Done?
  • Friday, July 30th - Angela Morrison Guest Post
  • Saturday, July 31st - Pamela Callow Interview
  • Sunday, August 1st - Favorite Summer Reads of July, 2010
  • Monday, August 2nd - Jillian (Random Ramblings) Guest Post
  • Tuesday, August 3rd - Cover Guess Contest (DTBC)
  • Wednesday, August 4th - Jennifer Echols Guest Post (DTBC)
  • Thursday, August 5th - Mindi Scott Guest Post (DTBC)
DTBC: Date To Be Confirmed

Now. What I've Done? Well, I'm on a break from school since June 30th. I mean, it's already going to an end on August 1st, but since then I had been doing nearly nothing but staying at home and reading. Okay, I went to the movies like four times, but, what? Only four! And, besides, I read about only eight books—which, however, was close to what I wanted: 10.

So, the "What I've Done?" thing is basically that I'll list below the books I've finished this month linked to reviews, so you can read them.
Stay tuned for tomorrow and the other days: author interview and guest posts!
And, well, comments are always welcome! Thanks!


  1. Whoo, super excited for all these guest posts! Staying home and reading all day sounds like paradise. :)

  2. Vc está mto chique com esse challenge :D



  4. Hey, you've read a lot! Congrats :D
    I just loved the programming for this week hehe
    I'm gonna come over every single day!

  5. I so can't wait for all these posts!
    Seems like you have had a nice month. Looking ahead to more reviews from you :)


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