Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Author Interview: Kimberly Derting

Kimberly Derting is the author of The Body Finder, a 2010 debut novel, and I'm honored to have her here today answering some questions related to summer and books, of course. Yet, her second book, Desires of the Dead, comes out in March of 2011 as a follow-up for the The Body Finder.

Author Interview: Kimberly Derting

1) If you could pick one YA character (it can be one of your own characters) to accompany you to the beach, which one would you pick, and why?

Since I’m not a teen anymore, I can’t very well pick Jay because that would be really creepy, and I can’t pick Violet either, because she might sense something dead (which would totally ruin the trip). So I’ll go with Chelsea (also from The Body Finder)… I’m guessing that she would make a trip to pretty much anywhere extremely entertaining!

2) What is your favorite place to read and to work on your writing during the summer?

Generally, in the summer, you’ll find me pulling double-duty as writer/lifeguard by the pool while the kids play. If I’m really lucky, I can even finish up my work in time to join them for a bit!!!

3) Which book often reminds you of summer?

I’d have to say Summer Sisters by Judy Blume…it’s a total flashback for anyone who was raised in the 70s and 80s (like…ehem…me!).

4) What country would you choose for a summer themed story? Why?

I think I’d go with France or Spain, someplace with a Mediterranean feel. White sand beaches, deep blue waters, hot guys in swimwear…sounds like a slice of heaven. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I would love to go on a “research” trip to make sure my story was authentic!

5) Is there any summer book release you are VERY excited about? Which one?

I haven’t even finished Catching Fire but I’m already super excited about Mockingjay. Isn’t everyone, though??? There’s something electrifying about the end of a phenom like The Hunger Games trilogy!

6) What was your first summer job? How was it?

Babysitting. Yes, boring… I know. And I was terrible at it. I didn’t really like kids, so I was really only in it for the buck-an-hour I earned (that’s right, how cheap is that???) plus whatever junkfood the parents stocked the house with. I was basically there to make sure the kids didn’t starve and the house didn’t catch on fire. Actually, now that I think about it, I was awesome at it! All the kids I babysat lived and not a single house burned down under my watch!

Thank you so much for the interview, Kimberly!

Kimberly has also donated a super swag prize pack to give away, so keep an eye here because I can announce the contest anytime soon this week.


  1. Nice interview! Ah, babysitting...that was my first summer job too, and by far the worst (but only because the two little boys could quite possibly have been pure evil). But a dollar an hour? What if you only babysat three hours! That's only three dollars!!

  2. MockingJay! definitely. awesome summer interview!

  3. I have Summer Sisters on my TBR pile...so can't wait to read it now that Kimberly has recommended it! Awesome interview :)

  4. So great, I really liked it!
    The Body Finder is one book of my list! *-*

    Thank you Kimberly and Raíla! ;D


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