Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello, everyone! I hope you're all okay. I'm just here to let you know about my plans for this blog which I will be hopefully accomplishing in July.

First of all: there are some partnerships I would love to join and that's why I will be probably translating all my posts to portuguese as well. I don't know how I'm gonna do this yet, but I will. By the way, I'm open to affilliates.

Second: for Brazilian readers, I will start Book Tours around our whole country to give great opportunities for those who want to read those books but can't pay for them yet, since they are in English and it costs a little bit more to import from the US, for example. Therefore, I will make a post anyday to request a list of those who are truly interested.

Third: for Brazilian readers again, there will be, like I said, a special Whisper Contest for you. So, don't be disappointed if you don't win the International one, because you will have another chance.

Well, if I forgot anything, I will come back here to add. Thanks!

Editing 06/12/2010.

Fourth: hopefully and probably more interviews with great authors to come as long as I get to read their books, of course. By the way, if there's any question you wanted me to ask Lauren Oliver, please, email me. (raila.soares[at]gmail[dot]com). You can also email me if you have any other random suggestion, okay? Feel free. I'd appreciate it so much! :)

Fifth: by the influence of other awesome bloggers, like Iris (from Brazil), I will also start doing vlogs. I plan to put them on my In My Mailbox posts so I can really show you what I get on the week or month. I prefer it to be monthly, since I don't get so many books per week. Actually, I must say there are weeks that I get nothing in the mailbox, so... It will depend.


  1. Oh I love the new look by the way.. how'd you do your own linkbar?? just realized that I haven't been here in a while :(

  2. Love your new layout!!! It's great that you're planning to start a tour for your country! I'll be looking forward to all your future posts. :D

  3. hi raila! cool new blog lay out! i love it! i hope you are enjoying the sinner! Good luck on your studies and GOD bless!

  4. Eu não sei como você pretende fazer essas traduções e etc, mas eu posso te ajudar :) A gente pode ser afiliado, êêê! Quando você tiver algo mais concreto, me manda um e-mail! ;D

    E AMEI a ideia do book tour *___*
    Com certeza irei participar! :DDDD

  5. Ah adorei, Raíla! Aliás, vamos começar a tagarelar sobre tudo que eu adorei (senta que lá vem a história!)
    #1: adorei o novo lay. Tão cute cute UHAUHAUHA
    #2: Eu mal posso esperar para ver os posts em vídeo *_* ADORO DEMAIS.
    Quero logo ver todas as novidades *____* Eba Eba Eba. Adoro novidades. HAHA
    :** Raíla :) Mta sorte com a nova fase do blog \o/

    PS: Assim que eu terminar de ler Before I Fall te mando as perguntinhas que quero fazer a Lauren. HAHA

  6. Missing your posts! And your layout is really really awesome.


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