Saturday, May 22, 2010

Contest: Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis [CLOSED]

Yes, it took a while for me to finally post this. It's been such an amazing honor for me to host this contest right here at my blog because I've been so happy while recommending it for everybody, everywhere, anytime! Whisper is not only an adorable, original book, but it is also by one of the nicest authors I have ever talked to. And it means so much to me, since I am from far away from the North America and Europe, continents where most people might speak English fluently and have bigger opportunities to meet their favorite authors. :)

I must have said once that since I first saw the cover of Whisper
and read its synopsis, months before the release date, I had been so wanting to receive a copy to read. That's when I, after a while, took courage to send Phoebe Kitanidis a request. I was sincerely afraid of hearing a big NO, because I know it's not so cool to email authors... Some might get bothered. But then she, like always have been, was very nice to me and fowarded the request to another person who could send me. I kept waiting for being contacted and a week after that I had a review copy in my hands. Happy dances all day!

Whisper came out on April 27th, 2010 by Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HaperCollins Publishers. By the love I have for this book, I would also love you if you read and commented on my INTERVIEW with Phoebe and on my REVIEW of Whisper to get extra entries.

EDIT: After posting here, Phoebe wrote a short note to us. Read it below.

"I'm thrilled that Books Out of the Bookshelves is hosting this international contest for Whisper! While I was writing the book, I was lost in the world of Joy and Icka and their strange ability (or disability?). I hardly dared to imagine that people in countries far away from me might read it--and even now, that seems like the coolest part of having a book come out. Knowing that it will go places I haven't been. I love working with bloggers like Raíla who are enthusiastic, professional, and just plain fun to talk to online. To all Raíla's readers, I wish you the best of luck in her contest!"
– Phoebe Kitanidis

Thank you so much, Phoebe. You're my favorite! <3

Now that I have the chance to pick a follower of my blog to
win a hardcover copy of Whisper, plus bookmarks and stickers (all provided by Phoebe herself) I'm more than happy. So thank her, not me. To enter, it's very simple: be a follower. But, if you want to get extra entries, just pay attention on the form.

  • Open internationally only for followers of this blog.
  • I will use the Random.Org to pick the winner.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to claim her/his prize.
  • This contest will end on June 22nd, 2010.
  • Fill out the FORM.
P.S.: You can fill the form once and, then if you want to record a video or something to get the extra entries, you can fill it out again so I'll add your new entries. :)

Aviso para brasileiros: em breve, provavelmente, teremos um sorteio do ARC de Whisper exclusivo para vocês!


  1. Great contest, Raíla and I love your new layout. I'm sure it's quite different from when I was last here? Everything looks amazing!!

  2. Thanks so much for the giveaway! After seeing you mention this book so much, I seriously need to read it. :D

  3. OH! Raila if I win this, oh seriously, you will be even more my favorite person :). Woot! Off to enter!

  4. OWNN Eu queroo! *--*
    Participando já! :D
    Beijoo :*
    Thayná, blog Bookaholic Girls.

  5. yay i joined! lol thanks to you and phoebe for this contest!

  6. Great giveaway! I would love to read this!!

  7. Raila! Não acredito! Um ARC pra nós? Que maravilha!
    Vi como vc está batalhando na divulgação pra trazer este livro pro Brasil. Parabéns pela dedicação!


  8. Será que eu consigo com a Phoebe um ARC dele? HAHA Poxinha, sou carente, sou brasileira. Você é BFF dela, Raíla. Mexa os pauzinhos -NNN AHUAHUHAU

    Sorteio só pro BR? *O*

  9. MUITO obrigada a todos que estão participando!
    Thank you SO MUCH for entering, you all!

    @Iris: HAUHAUAUHAU. Se ela ainda tiver, acho que ela não se importa em pedir pra publicista dela mandar... Mas, como o livro já foi lançado, talvez não haja mais. Mas... você terá DUAS chances de ganhar um exemplar aqui! Queria muito que um brasileiro ganhasse esse! Acho digno e

    Sim! =D

  10. AINNNNN que linds, estou emocionada!! Primeiro contest que eu posso participar. HAHAHAHAHAHHADJJD

    Bjs Raila.

  11. Oi, Não conhecia seu blog mais amei*

    Nossa tó doida para ler Whisper.

  12. Oops! I just realized that I wasn't previously following your blog, but in the points section I put old follower. Sorry - I thought I already followed. I do follow now, though.
    So sorry about that - just take away points from me!
    And thanks for such an awesome contest - after your review, I am DYING to read this!

  13. Gente, eu quero! *-*
    Não conhecia seu blog, amei muito!
    Virei sempre!

  14. thanks thanks thanks for this contest i so want to read this book!

  15. Great giveaway - count me in!

    lisa.2713 at gmail dot com

  16. What a great giveaway! I'm a new follower. If you have a chance come visit me
    One Book At A Time

  17. I would love an opportunity to win this book. I am a follower and requested friendship on Facebook(Robbibird3) and follower on Twitter(ladybirdrobi). I will try to find the review and interview you mentioned and I have discovered that authors do like to hear from their readers because it lets them know how well they did with whatever book they wrote.


  18. Oh I know what you mean about meeting / talking to authors. I live on a tiny island and I'd have to go to another country to ever be able to attend a book signing and meet authors. *sigh* One day though!

    Phoebe Kitanidis sounds awesome and so does her book! Would love to read this one :)

  19. The cover is so interesting, it has really captured my attention. I would love a chance to win it.

  20. Your comment on my blog has convinced me to read this book. And yes, it would be great to win the book. What a sweet giveaway.

  21. AJOIJDOIJAOJIOJKALÇMKFMFJOFKPOKAPOK Para, só agora que eu vi que tinha que fazer o Form. AKOPKAOPKOPKPOKFJIAJOIJ sou lerda demais, fico impressionada comigo.

    Quero ganhar!!!!!

  22. thank you for making the contest international!

  23. Raila, adorei seu blog,vc está de parabéns!
    Eu adoraria ganhar :)

  24. your book looks so good
    hope I win!

  25. obrigado por o contest :)

    greetings from Spain^^

  26. Great comp! also nice to meet a Brazillian book blogger! :)

    And the plot thickens...

  27. Love your blog look! Cool background. Great contest. I have this book on my wish list and would love to win a copy. Thanks!

  28. Hi Raila, thanks for having this contest. I just found your blog and am a new follower. :)

  29. Hi Raila, thanks for hosting. I completed your form and am now a new follower of your nice blog as well as on Twitter.

    "Whisper" sounds like a great read!


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