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Author Interview: Phoebe Kitanidis

The first idea of doing an interview with Phoebe came up when I saw one of her tweets saying she liked to give interviews. It happened before I even had read Whisper, which I fell in love with later.

Phoebe is such a nice person and I am honored for interviewing her. She is a Greek-American writer and has earned both BA in Rhetoric and MA in Communication Studies. You can find her online on Twitter, on Facebook and at her own blog.

Whisper, her debut novel, released on April 27, 2010. So, if you haven't bought it yet, go for it! In the following interview, she answers some questions about herself and Whisper, and also talks about Summer Falls.

The Interview

How did you get interested in writing about people who Hear Whispers and others who feel Waves?
I think we’re all affected by the emotions of people around us. And we all wonder and try to guess what the people we’re close to really think and want. I wanted to write a paranormal that is right next door to reality, about the things we naturally do without even thinking about them.

What’s your favorite quote?
One of my favorites that’s popular right now: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Do you have a particular place you like to write? And to read?
I love to write in my office at home. (That’s where I am now.) I use my dad’s old desk and my grandfather’s bookshelves, and my office is filled with objects I love that are meaningful to me: candles, dried flowers, old letters, antique typewriters. As for reading, bliss = lying down with a book.

Have you ever bought a book for its cover?
Many times! The Luxe is one. And I’m a sucker for gold/silver foil and texture. I have also bought books just because they were autographed or very old editions.

Was Whisper the first story you ever wrote?
I’ve also written a couple short stories too, which have appeared in literary magazines. And an adult novel which is currently out on submission.

How long did you take to write Whisper, say "Yeah, I think it’s good" and then send to someone to read it?
Well, I’m a typical writer, so I rarely think anything I write is “good.” Writers are very critical of themselves! :-) After one year though, I finished Whisper and showed to my agent. He said it was ready to send out to publishers.

And did you take a long time to get your book published or it was quickly accepted?
Whisper sold super quickly, within three days. I was so happy when I got that call from my agent!

Were the main characters inspired by anyone you know personally?
All my characters have some of myself in them. Like Joy, I want to make people happy. Like Jessica, I feel alone and frustrated at the whole world sometimes. Jamie is based on a boy in my life who I know was always strongly affected by other people’s emotions.

Have you ever wished you could Hear Whispers? What do you think you would use them to?
It’s embarrassing to admit this, but if I could Hear Whispers I would probably use my gift to impress people sometimes. :-) But I’d also try to train myself not to listen so hard all the time—good relationships need some privacy.

You said you had no idea people were going to like Jamie. Why did you think that?
I don’t always find the love interests in books attractive. Sometimes I put down a book and wonder, “Why is the heroine so in love with that arrogant jerk?” Jamie is not arrogant. He’s thoughtful and kind. He is also dangerous, but it’s not his fault. And when it comes to obeying the law—well, let’s just say he can think of higher priorities. But at heart, he’s caring, so I’m very happy readers seem to like him. :-)

Are you really analyzing the idea of writing a book in Jamie's POV? Would it be a book from Whisper series or another series?
Yes, I would love to write a book in his POV. It would be all about his secret, his family, and his struggle to live with it. A Jamie-book would also be filled with action, because anywhere Jamie goes there is bound to be trouble. Joy and her family would play an important part too, so it would be a companion novel to Whisper.

What can you tell about your next book?
I’m working on a standalone called SUMMER FALLS. It’s got lots of romance in it, and the POV shifts between two protagonists, a boy named Marshall and a girl named Elise. The story opens with them waking up in bed together in a creepy little town… with absolutely no memories of how they got there—or who they are. They have no one they can trust, so they have to decide whether to trust each other. It’s a paranormal too, like WHISPER.

Thank you so much, Phoebe! For everything. Congratulations for Whisper one more time! You deserve all best. Wish you success and I hope you know I will be supporting you for any book you write!

P.S.: To browse inside Whisper, check the right sidebar. There is also a link for my review. We'll have a contest/giveaway later here, so if you want to win something, get more entries by commenting. :-)


  1. Great interview! I definitely need to read Whisper, I've heard so many great things. Summer Falls sounds like a really wonderful story as well, I'll definitely be looking forward to reading that one.

  2. Eu adorei a entrevista. Ela é tão simpática :) E as perguntas foram muito bem feitas, Raíla! *-* Parabéns.

  3. Great interview! I really want to read Whisper, it sounds really good. Phoebe sounds like such a nice person!

  4. hi raila! how did you managed to inteview her? i'd also like to interview my favorite authors. did you just contact them through their websites and asked them if you can have an interview? thanks!

  5. Thanks raila and happy mother's day to your mom!

  6. great interview, the book seems really good! :)

  7. I can relate with a lot of her thoughtful answers, like about love interests in books. It's refreshing to see someone who isn't a total stereotypical bad boy, who doesn't always act like a total jerk. Really enjoyed this interview, props to both Raila and Phoebe ;D

  8. I love that quote too...and the book she's working on now sounds pretty intriguing! Great interview, Raila :)

  9. Phoebe sounds so cool! There are so many questions I want to ask her about Whisper!

  10. Jurava que tinha comentado aqui O_O Enfim, eu adorei tanto essa entrevista *O*

  11. Thanks very much for hosting this interview with Phoebe. I really appreciate what she said about the love interests in some books as being unappealing. I'm reading a book like that now (or at least the character appears to be arrogant from my place early on in the story). However, I think that sometimes ones character arc changes and/or the reader comes to understand and appreciate the character more, regardless of his faults. Prime example of this is Mr. Darcy from Pride And Prejudice.

    Thanks again!

  12. Bem interessante a entrevista com a Phoebe!
    Acho que também, se eu pudesse "hear whispers" eu usaria para tentar impressionar algumas pessoas, que só me vêem pela aparência, e não pela cabeça/cérebro/inteligência. (Profundo né? HUASHUASHUAS).
    E outra coisa que eu tenho em comum com ela é que eu já comprei muitos livros, só pela capa! HUASHAUSHUAS Acho que se a capa for bonita, dá mais vontade de ler o livro! :D
    Beijoo :*
    Thayná, blog Bookaholic Girls.

  13. Nyehehe I would use it to impress people too, especially teachers/boss/parents MUAHAHA LOL! and sold within three days!!!

    I checked out her blog.

    Even though it's not a part of this interview, I must say I didn't know and I love how she found the names for her characters!

    summer falls sounds interesting btw! I hope she'll get a pretty cover like whisper! :x

  14. Nice interview! Now I might have to check out her Twitter page. Thanks!

  15. I love the Gandhi quote, I remember hearing that often! I agree Pheobe on book covers, I love the Luxe cover! This is a great interview, you asked a lot of nice questions!

  16. Awesome interview!
    SUMMER FALLS definitely sounds like something I'd pick up... I've definitely been interested in a lot of paranormal books lately.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!
    Both of you are so sweet!
    Love, Hannah

  17. Nice interview! Phoebe sounds like a really nice person.
    And I agree, bliss = lying down with a book. :)

  18. Great interview! Wow 3 days and sold! Amazing! I hope I have the same luck!

  19. I agree with Amy J, three days and sold is a pretty impressive record! Nice interview - I love that she admitted she'd secretly use a "hear whispers" just to impress people from time to time. I totally would, too! :D

    Summer Falls also sounds pretty interesting... I'm curious how it's paranormal since it doesn't sound it, from the blurb. Very interesting/scary beginning to a book, though!

  20. Found this while looking into this book...trying to figure out whether it's something I'd I've found your blog too!

    Great interview...Phoebe sounds like a lovely woman.

  21. She seems so nice!

    Summer Falls also sounds pretty interesting... I'm curious how it's paranormal since it doesn't sound it, from the blurb. Very interesting/scary beginning to a book, though! +1

  22. I think half of my purchases of books are just going by pretty covers and "good vibes." Meaning I don't even read the back of the book to see if I'll like it.

    I have read what Whisper is about, and I need to get it, plus the cover is cool...

    Yes I have a problem.

  23. Oh my gosh, I would love an antique typewriter. I love typewriters. I still regret not buying one at a yardsale once.

  24. Great interview. I like Ms. Kitandis' favorite quote.

  25. Her new book sounds so interesting and unique! I've never heard of anything like it before. I really liked the interview!

  26. It's a great interview. I love the quote she picked, and I also buy books by their cover... lol

  27. Loved this interview she sounds like such a fun person :) And lying down with a book IS the best!

  28. I enjoyed reading the interview =)

  29. Loved this interview. As another author, I am always interested in what authors are working on next, and how their offices are arranged to invite them into their interior thoughts and best imaginings. Good questions, and the book sounds so intriguing. --Adele Griffin

  30. It's funny that she would use her whisper power to impress people. That just really makes me smile.

  31. great interview sounds like a great book can't wait to read it!

  32. Thank you for the interview! I love her favorite quote and I can't wait to read the book

  33. When I read lying down, no matter how great the book, I fall asleep! This book sounds interesting, I like the idea of her writing another book with Jamie's POV and life, and I will look out for her new book. :)

  34. OMG. Summer Falls sounds SO amazing!
    The author- Phoebe seems really nice too.

  35. Awesome review! I am really looking forward to reading Summer Falls!!!! Phoebe seems like such a great person! =)

  36. Summer Falls sounds so exciting! I love YA romance books and it also has shifting POVs!! Cant wait for it!

  37. Phoebe's favourite quote is my favourite quote too! I can't wait to read Whisper and Summer Falls!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  38. Eu adoro saber mais sobre os autores e amei suas perguntas. E ela é uma fofa, né?


  39. Comprar livro pela capa! hahaha. Admito que não compro só pela capa, a sinopse tem que ser boa, mas se a capa for bonita, um motivo a mais pra pegar o livro e ler a sinopse.

    'Jamie is not arrogant. He’s thoughtful and kind. He is also dangerous, but it’s not his fault.' - ela construiu o tipo de mocinho por qm todo mundo se apaixona, haha

    E qe bom qe ela gosta de dar entrevistas, haushauhsuahs. Melhor pra gente. Ela me pareceu simpática. E principalmente por ter te mandado e-mail depois. Se um dia eu publicar um livro vou ser como ela *sooooooonha* hahahaha

  40. Great interview.

    I am a follower!

    Check out my blog and giveaway:

    Happy Reading!
    -Ashley C.

  41. Excellent interview with Phoebe. The impetus for "Whisper" is unique and fascinating and I am very appreciative of getting to know about a book that I normally would not have read.

    Thank you so much for sharing..

    BTW Pheobe's favorite quote is one of mine as well


  42. This is indeed a great interview, with carefully thought out questions. I, too, love any book that has gold foils, swirls on it, and The Luxe is definitely one of those *lol* Cannot wait to read Whisper myself. Sounds like a very fantastic read!

  43. Thanks for this interview and for making me aware of Whisper, it sounds fascinating! I enjoyed reading your interview as you asked so amny of those questions I'm always interested to know from authors. Was interesting to see the background story behind Whispers and how it got published. The new standalone novel sounds interesting too, can't wait!

    Congratulations Phoebe on the release of Whisper, may you write many more great stories and may writer's block evade you! ;-)

  44. I want to read this book soooo bad! It has been on my TBR list but that list is miles long. But I think this one is going to the top (well at least close to it) Summer Falls sounds really good too.

    Great questions on your interview I really like the one about how long it took to write and decide the book was ready. This interests me a lot more than just how long it took to write.

  45. I liked your interview. Sometimes the questions can be generic, but I think you picked the questions that fit for both the book and Phoebe Kitanidis as a an author.

  46. I wanna read the romance-themed book! :)

    You sure know which questions to ask. :)


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