Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review #4: Blue Moon (The Immortals #2) by Alyson Nöel

Title: Blue Moon
Alyson Nöel
Release Date:
July 7, 2009
St. Martin's Griffin
Reading Level:
Young Adult
304 (Paperback)
Other Titles by Author:
Evermore & Shadowland
Quick Synopsis: Just as Ever is learning everything she can about her new abilities as an immortal, initiated into the dark, seductive world by Damen, something terrible is happening to him. As Ever’s powers are increasing, Damen’s begin to fade after he is stricken by a mysterious illness that threatens his memory, his identity, and his life. Desperate to save him, Ever travels to the mystical dimension of Summerland, uncovering not only the secrets of Damen’s past—the brutal, tortured history he hoped to keep hidden—but also an ancient text revealing the workings of time. Ever is forced to decide between turning back the clock and saving her family from the accident that claimed them—or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows weaker each day.

Spotlessly amazing and exciting.

When I got this book, I thought it should be interesting, but I wasn't expecting anything like this - so much information and intringuing incidents -, since Evermore's ending doesn't get us imagining what could happen next to our beautiful couple, Ever & Damen (At least, that's what I felt, because, I mean, I hadn't read Blue Moon's synopsis until I bought it).

Nöel's writing keeps gracefully simple, expect for her style of writing using the present tense. Not that it is not simple. It's just, like I said on Evermore's review, because I don't like the present tense. Please, don't throw me knives nor anything.

I was SO into the story while reading that sometimes I felt like Ever in Summerland. I read it excited to know which mystery would be revealed in the next page. So fast-paced!

And then there's Roman, an awesome intringuing character, who I loved, although Ever make us suspect of him - all because she's the narrator, so the story is told only by her perspective. Which I learned not to appreciate so much after reading TWO of my favorite books on the third person - The Book Thief (Ok, the story is narrated by the death, but she's barely fisically IN the scenes... She tells us other people's stories) and Fallen. Though I must have read another one which I don't remember at the moment... Back to the subject: not that Nöel wouldn't indirectly make us suspect of him if she had written this book on the third person, but it'd make it freely to us to find out the things by our own. And Ever suspects and THINKS about her suspicion on him every time she sees him, or heard of him. It's quietly annoying sometimes. Like, 'I already know that you suspect of him, OK!?'. Almost yelling. Hmm... Haven and Miles keep being the same awful friends I don't like.

The ending. This time it was nothing exciting, for me though, but was, like, challengingly unhappy. Yes. Challengingly is the right word to describe my unhappy feelings after that. I couldn't take it out of my head until I got Shadowland. I also think that Shadowland's first chapter could have easily been Blue Moon's last one.



  1. Haha! I do that too sometimes when I'm frustrated with the characters. Glad you liked the book.

  2. Blue Moon was my favorite so far of this series.

  3. I haven't got started with this series yet. They don't seem to appeal to me but great review :)

  4. Ooh, this book is coming to me...soon! I can't wait :D I liked the first one, but I'm sure I'll like this one even more :)


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