Sunday, August 08, 2010

August Hiatus

I got back to school last Monday and this week was so crazy already: studying, tests being scheduled, having dancing rehearsals 5 times a week, English extra classes 2 times a week, Portuguese extra class 4 hours a week, plus trying to get better grades (especially at Sociology and Philosophy, bleh!). Is not that crazy? Yes, it is, and I get back home so tired everyday that I can barely use my computer or read something. I just check my email and twitter, and anything else. So, please, I'm not deserting you, haha. I'm just having a break from here for a few weeks, probably until September 10th, though I might come here and post something anytime if I have time to.

I'll miss you.



  1. Aww, I'll miss you while you're taking a break! But school does come first. Darn school. ;)

  2. Nooo! We'll miss you like crazy, that's for sure. Good luck with all your school work, that's a super packed schedule. Take care and hope you return soon! <33

  3. That's so fast. College and school starts in two weeks here in Holland. Good luck at school.

  4. Naah, don't worry. But like they said school does come first =/
    I'll miss you and your posts, I just love your blog, it's so cute *--*

    Well, study a lot and read a lot too, 'cause that's def what I'm gonna do haha

  5. hi raila! how are you? i hope you're studying hard. hehehe. i just wanted to share to you a book that i've bought. its called hex education. it's actually on sale 75% off. that's a good thing coz i can well afford it. hehehe. the thing that catches my attention when i saw hex education is like the title. i'ts almost the same with hex hall. hehehe. and also the story is somewhat like hex hall even the names are the same. Sophie stone and sophie mercer. huh...i'm now reading it and its really a breath of fresh air for me.the thing about YA books is they're not that all serious and the writing of the author is very much relax, i mean not that detailed. easy breezy, quick read. well that's what i think. anyway, i'm still saving money for Hex Hall, i think that it's much better than hex education. although i haven't read hex hall yet, but i really have a feeling it's going to surpass hex education. anyways, thanks for reading this and sorry if i bothered you in any way. we miss your posts on your blog. i hope you can get back soon! GOD bless and take care!

  6. Hey Raila! We'll all miss you! Good luck with school, and hope to see you back here soon! Love your header by the way! It's so cute! :)


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