Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Spotlight: The Thirteenth Chime by Emma Michaels

The Thirteenth Chime
Series: Sense of Truth
Author: Emma Michaels
Genre: Young Adult/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Bokheim Publishing
Release Date: August 13th, 2010
No one knew of its existence until it was removed from the attic upstairs. In a beautiful house that overlooks the sea, an antique clock has the power to change the course of their lives.

The power the clock resonates will not only force Destiny and ex-boyfriend David on a journey into the depths of one man's mind long dead, but into the mind of a man filled with hatred and bent on revenge.

With the only clues to the nature of the clock having disappeared into the sea, Destiny and David must retrace the steps the man had taken into the darkness, before they fall prey to the trap he had set in motion over half a century ago.

Hatred never dies.
I'm not sure if you realized it, but The Thirteenth Chime is going to be released on Friday the 13th. This is creepy, huh? So does the cover, also gorgeous and mesmerizing.

Well... Early today,
Emma Michaels stopped by my blog and informed me about her debut novel, The Thirteenth Chime. As a blogger turned author, she needs our support, right? That's one of the reasons why I'm so glad to introduce you The Thirteenth Chime (if you haven't heard about it yet!), which I've recently been seeing a lot around the blogosphere.

That said, I hope you to get familiar with it
, since there is an interview with the debut author Emma Michaels coming out later here on the blog. And, please, check her blog for more information about The Thirteen Chime!

Find The Thirteenth Chime
Website (Under Construction)
Skoob (especially for Brazilian readers)

Find Emma Michaels


  1. I think I am in love with that cover!

  2. Oh Gosh, that's really creepy and amazing LOL I love these stuffs :D
    I've already read some things about this book and I bet it'll be a success!
    I'm gonna add it to my wishlist ;)

  3. That cover is totally awesome!
    And the story semms very interesting, especially the Friday-13- thing :O

    Great release! I want to see the interview *_*

  4. Thank you so much for posting about The Thirteenth Chime! I am really looking forward to our interview!!!!

    Emma Michaels

  5. LOVED this book! OHHH So excited to have gotten to read it early, and fell in love - I cant wait to read more of Emma's work, it's amazing!

  6. great review. i love you blog :)

  7. I'm definitely excited to read Emma's debut!


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