Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer "Beach Reads" Challenge!

Welcome, peeps!

From July 1st to August 31st, a super-special Reading Challenge will be hosted by myself, Jessica at A Fanatic's Book Blog, Heather at A Bibliophile's Paradise and Linna at 21 Pages
-- my super-amazing affiliates.

You might be asking yourself what exactly will be a "beach read" for this Challenge, right? If so, Jessica has an answer to give you:
"A beach read by my definition is any book you'd choose to take with you to a day at the beach. Think something light, airy, perhaps a romance or two? It's really all up to you! Beach reads are what you make them! I've been known to take a vampire novel with me to the beach.... vampires and sand? Yes!".

Although we all are doing this together,
A Fanatic's Book Blog will be the main hostess blog during the whole Challenge. You will sign up your participation and your reviews there, but the authors interviews, guests posts, contests and giveaways are schedule to be going on each of our blogs. So keep your eye on them all (specially on Jessica's -- she will keep you updated on Sundays!).

Timeline: July 1, 2010 - August 31, 2010

Levels: Remember swim classes? Thus our Reading Challenge levels!
  • Tadpole - Read 4 books in this Challenge
  • Minnow - Read 8 books in this Challenge
  • Dolphin - Read 12 books in this Challenge
  • Shark - Read 16+ books in this Challenge
  • You do not have to select your books ahead of time. You can just pick and choose as you go if that works better for you! You can also use these books as crossovers to other challenges, so feel free to participate even if you're currently in another challenge. You may join anytime.
  • If you're participating, please take the button at A Fanatic's Book Blog post and put it in your "Challenge" section or on your sidebar of your blog. That way anyone else who wants to join can find their way here.
  • To sign up, create an Introduction Post and link it to the Mr. Linky here.
  • Prizes will be awarded through mini giveaways and contest throughout the challenge, and there will also have a bigger prize pack to be awarded at the end of the challenge.
  • To get credit for the final giveaway you'll need to link your Intro Post to the Mr. Linky and link your reviews on the Welcome Post that will be put up July 1st on A Fanatic's Book Blog. You will receive one entry for your Intro Post, one for each review, and if you post your Wrap-Up post on the indicated day you'll receive an extra 5 entries!
Any doubts? Comments? Suggestions? Donations?
Please, fill this form out according to what you need to know.

Check back July 1st for the official Welcome Post, a list of upcoming events, our sponsor and suggested reading list and a giveaway to kick things off!


  1. Nice challenge!
    If I weren't going to be completely busy these days I would get in!

  2. O difícil não é ler... é conseguir $ pra comprar tudo xD

  3. Renata, comprei no submarino 8 livros e gastei R$150, pra mim valeu, apesar de um pouco apertado. Mas concordo contigo.

    Raíla, acho q vou ficar no Minnow, pq como falei no twitter, mais q isso não rola agora.

  4. Ei, gente! Contanto que vocês participem (e eu acho que vai ser bem divertido!), eu já fico muito feliz e agradecida. Pra oficialmente entrar, é só fazer um post tipo esse dizendo que está participando e postar o link no blog da Jess. :) Obrigada!

  5. Pode participar mesmo lendo livros em português?

  6. Vou falar isso com as meninas ainda, mas, por mim, pode. Aliás, minha opinião tem que valer lá! Hahah. Não se preocupem com isso agora. Uma vez que tiver uma considerável quantidade de brasileiros participando, vou abrir um post em Português sobre.

  7. Então... Pode ser tudo em português sim. :) Vai ter chance pra todo mundo! SPREAD THE WORD.

  8. AAH Raíla! =(
    Eu queria muito participarrrr, mas é que esse ano eu só tenho duas semanas de férias (e eu vou viajar essas duas semanas), aí em julho mesmo eu tenho aula e mais aula pro vestibular =(((
    vestibular SUCKS!!! =(
    Queria tanto participar.. mas esse ano não vai dar =( Se vc fizer ano que vem eu participo!! *O*
    Mas adoreii a ideia! =D

  9. EBA!, então eu vou participar! :D
    Vou fazer um post lá no blog ainda essa semana! ^^


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