Wednesday, February 03, 2010

News, Classes and Contest!

I don't know if you know, but BEFORE I FALL is one of the books I'm most antecipating for 2010. It comes out on March 2nd of this year, of course. I've read so many reviews about it and most of them are, like, 5 stars, saying this is a must-read. So, I denfinitely need to read this.

Now, Lauren Oliver, the author, is having a contest at her blog. The reason? She wants to know what do you think of the title of her (new) second book, which she has officially called DELIRIUM. It's a dystopian Romeo-and-Juliet story. It sounds like a good name, isn't it? It's pretty... Remarkable. And, I mean, I only have an idea of what dystopia/dystopian means... I'm not well acquainted to some words of English vocabulary.

Oh, and getting out of the subject of this post, I have started my last semester on the last basic English course level. You think it is great? I'd say 'so, so'. One think I liked was: the current teacher wants us to choose a topic we really, really like to do the whole portfolio about this topic. So, ha, what do you think I have already chosen? Books, reading... Of course. But, since because I still don't know all of my classmates, I'm feeling shy and I didn't really participate of the first class, which could prejudice me if I keep doing it. Then, one of my one of my goals to this semester is to STOP it. I'm not going to be shy. I'm going to be like I was last semester: pretty talktive, answering all the questions when I know, etc. I think the blog will help me very much. I hope to include you and my blog on my portfolio, asking you some questions about some topic and then include on my texts, searchs, etc.

Also, I want to tell you AGAIN (I'm not tired of doing this! lol.) that I'm back to classes and I have to spend a lot of time going to extra English and Portuguese classes as well as studying/doing homeworks, which doesn't mean I won't be usually blogging, but means that I won't be blogging like I did before, like... When I was on vacation, I could do many posts, enter many contest, spend more time with these things, you know? Now I can't. So, I know most of you don't care about it very much. It must sucks. But I care about the others who likes my posts. Thank you all.

Back to the subject: Well... What was I talking about? Hm, yeah. Dystopia. I would be glad if someone tried to explain to me what does it mean. Also, I would be thankful. So... Now I'm pretty excited to see what DELIRIUM will bring in its story and COVER. Of course. I could not write this whole post without comment BEFORE I FALL stunning cover. Seriously, truly, definitely... Along with HUSH, HUSH, it's the pretty most amazing cover I've ever seen. Like, my favorite ones. I hope DELIRIUM meets these two on the top of this favorite covers list.

Ah, the contest.

The winner will win a SIGNED FINISHED copy of BEFORE I FALL.

To enter, you must comment on this Lauren Oliver's blogpost. Like I said before, she wants to you what you think of her second book's name: DELIRIUM. You can also get (like) extra entries spreading the word and being a follower.

I still don't know if it's international or not, but as soon as I know I'll tell you.


  1. Dystopia is a place where life is really corrupt or really bad. Some book examples are The Giver by Lois Lowry, The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, or The Hunger Games. Hope that helps...

    It's great what you have planned for your class and that you're going to be more outgoing. I'm also really excited to read Before I Fall. I can't wait till it comes.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  3. WOW! I'm crazy about to read this book!
    Want it so much!
    Kisses :*
    Thayná, blog Bookaholic Girls.


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