Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm BACK + Reminder!

YAY. Tests are finally over, so I can say I'm kind of back now. Not completely, but I am. And that feels so good, you can't even imagine! Sociology test was GREAT, and I hope to get a good grade because it won't be nice to me if I don't.

Well, I was off for a few weeks but there were and still are four super awesome contests/giveaways opened here. One of the them, to my Brazilian readers, ends today. The others are part of the Challenge and will end on August 30th. You can click on the links above (header) and check it out. Hope you've already signed up for them all if possible! :)

Oh, and thank you each one of you for still visiting my blog while I wasn't able to post. I've also gotten some great, nice followers! Thank you guys! I've missed it way too much. Let's get back to my older/vacation routine? Haha, not. Wish I could. Let's just run faster!


  1. Oba! que bom que você voltou flor.

  2. "Let's just ran faster!"
    God could make that happen! hUHAUH -q
    I'm really happy that you're back, and I really understand HOW difficult it's with school! :(
    But the year is almost at the end.. :))

  3. Ah, que bom que vc voltou! E ninguém precisa participar da promo de Whisper, pq já é meu, ok? HAHA

  4. Ooi, que bom que voltou hehe E a promoção de Whisper, o resultado sai logo logo ou ainda não acabou?

  5. Wow. amazing idea! Would you like to participate over at The Bookish Ninja? It's sort for blog promotion. More info ---> Thanks!


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