Friday, April 23, 2010

Books Turned Into Movies: Eclipse

I just couldn't help when I watched it!!! Although Edward always seem awkward and weird on the movies, this one seem to me AMAZING, if it's possible to descrive my excitement. The official final trailer of Eclipse was finally released on Oprah today. Enjoy!

The newborns vampires ROCKED, as well as the Volturi and the wolves. All of it sounds extremely super awesome! Even Bella seems great! I literally CAN'T wait to watch it. Remember:



  1. Nossa, é só no que o povo fala agora! Sobre o novo trailer do eclipse...
    Ma confesso que esse trailer despertou meu lado twilighter!
    Enfim, obrigada por comentar no meu blog, e passe sempre lá :D
    Ah! E vi que você tá lendo "Before I Fall". Nossa, to com uma super vontade de ler esse livro! Mas agora to lendo "Orgulho e Preconceito". Quando terminar, quem sabe eu não leia "Before I Fall", né?
    Beijoo :*
    Thayná, blog Bookaholic Girls.

  2. OH my god! This looks amazing! I can't wait! :D

  3. Eu ADOREI esse trailer. Despertou minha vontade de ver eclipse *_*

  4. wow the trailer looks more action packed than the two previous ones! i've read the 3 books of twilight but i did not read the fourth one. i got tired! hehehe. thanks for your comment on my blog raila. you're such a wonderful kid. and smart too! GOD bless!


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