Monday, March 08, 2010

The Monday Talk!

Yay! I am kind of using Monday to talk about things got me excited. Or not. Reviewing ANNE FRANK: THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL for school is one of them. I enjoyed the idea of doing this, outside my blog, while improving my skills to both. I just got done with it and the result is five pages written, 1.337 words in 119 lines. I hope it is what the teacher wants, though she can find faults in every little thing. I will just wait.

An american girl, from Virginia, visited our classroom today at my English course. We, the students, prepared some questions to ask her, about anything. Because I am so shy, I didn't continue to talk to her about books. Also, the two times I asked her questions, I had to repeat because she couldn't understand me. Such a bad thing to me... However, she had a difficult accent for me to understand sometimes. So... A classmate of mine asked her a question we had prepared, it was like... If she liked to read and which kind of books she liked. First, she said that she loved the Twilight series and that now she's reading the Vampire Diaries series. Then I asked if she had read the Vampire Academy series, since she had told us she liked all this thing about vampires. And was there when she didn't understand me, when I asked her if YOUNG ADULT was the genre she liked... I think she didn't understand it well. Me neither!

The birthday gifts! Have I told ya!? I guess I haven't. It's a pretty short "notice". Remember I had gotten 107 dollars from daddy? So, I spent all the money I got in books through --since I don't have how to pay anything in goods (dollars) here. I have purchased six books: Rampant by Diana Peterfreund, Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, Wake by Lisa McMann & Need by Carrie Jones. So awesome, isn't it? I am still being asked about which books I want. I am turning fifteen on March 22nd. I never thought it would be real someday. Really.

Talking about birthdays... My birthday party is in less than 3 weeks, which I am pretty excited for, and I have given my friends the birthday invitations cards. They're so gorgeous! Me and mom have done almost everything. We only didn't print them, but we painted the back of it, made the fripperies and all. When I take a picture of it, I will post here.

Slow reading. Yes, I am again dealing with the slow thing. I hate being a so-slow reader, but it's because I really don't have time enough to do everything I HAVE to do. I am going to make efforts to finish THE TITAN'S CURSE at least next week, when my tests begin.

Can you look at this photograph and do not smile? It is so contagious! I can't wait to watch him playing Tyler Roth in Remember Me on Friday (March 12nd). Go to the movies, people!

Click here to watch the movie trailer.

"An unforgettable love story of two young people who learn how important it is to love passionately and live loudly everyday of ones life."

Yay again! I am one of the THE BODY FINDER STREET MEMBERS! Is my job now to promote Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder. So, keep checking this blog out!


  1. My junior year of high school we had a German exchange student. It was somewhat difficult to understand her accent, but I learned a lot about her country and a bit of her language. It was cool.
    Happy early 15th B-day!!!You got so many great books, so it's not wasting money if you buy something great.
    That pic of Rob Pat is actually kinda sweet, even though I'm not a fan...

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting. Thank you for the birthday! I guess "I SPENT money" is the right way to talk about this!? Also, thank you for fixing. :) I love reading your comments.

  3. You bought so many wonderful books! Going Too Far was my favorite book of '09 and The Iron King is probably my favorite of the year so far. It's absolutely wonderful! The others you have are all really great or look awesome. Happy reading!!

    Also happy early birthday :)

  4. Hey! Happy early birthday! I teach Anne Frank to my 8th graders. Did you like it? You also bought some great books for your birthday. I can't wait to read Iron King and City of Ashes. I hope you love your books! :)

  5. You bought some great books! And I'm really looking forward to watching Remember Me as well. I really like Robert Pattinson. :D


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