Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Thursday!

Remember I told you I would try to convince my dad to give me the 117 dollars for birthday? Yes. That was his answer when I finally asked him today. I am pretty much excited about that. Though I decided I am not going to waste any money until I have so much that I truly get able to buy lots and lots of books! The 117 dollars are the dollars I didn't waste when I traveled to US (specifically Orlando and Miami), which I am really happy I did. I am also putting money into my money-box since November 2009, if I am not wrong. It is almost full of money. Sadly, in reais, not in dollars. Lol.

I truly don't know when I am going to write some nice post here. I can't plan it because I only write when I am inspired to, you know? I can't write a single word when I am not. Really. I even wrote verses of a "cheap literature hanging on a line in a street market" we call CORDEL in Portuguese because I was inspired to do it. Maybe, if I finish reading the books I want to, I will have more reviews to write. I keep saying that and I keep trusting myself.

The day before yesterday I received the Tess Gerritsen bookmarks I had asked for my bestfriend Thais, who must be reading what I am writing, and I got pretty (in a good way) jealous. They are so amazing! All of them have her name on it and Tess also sent two autographed stickers.

Yesterday I definitely and finally really received my copy of City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, which they sent about three weeks ago and I hadn't received until yesterday. I have put this book on my IMM post the last time because I though I would receive it on that week, but I didn't. Omigosh. Things take a long time to arrive.

Now I have to get out because it is late and I have classes tomorrow. I will get up at 6 am. Bye!


  1. Hey Raila! I hope you like CITY OF ASHES!!
    And a lot of the time, my books take forever to get here too - I order a lot of books from the UK, and they take a really long time to come to me :) I know that feeling!

  2. Have fun reading the book you got!! And good luck at school.

  3. I hope you get some good books. I have an award for you:


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