Monday, January 11, 2010

Review #1: Shadowland (The Mediator #1) by Meg Cabot

It’s my very first review. I haven’t never ever done one, so… I’d adore if you guys left comments telling me what I could improve on my next reviews. Would you do that for me? Ok, let’s see.

I don’t know if this is a YA book, is it? Here in Brazil (Yay, why doI love to say that I live in Brazil? God!) I actually don’t know how they name this kind of book. But, well, yes, this is definitely a YA book. I’m not going to tell I totally LOVED this book, because I’d be lying, but I liked it pretty pretty much, just didn't LOVE.

Before this one, I have read only one book by Meg Cabot, which her fans say is her worst book she has ever written. I didn’t know that when I read, ok? But I think it’s definitely the worst – not that I have read another book by her, but Teen Idol is a pretty poor book. She could have explored more the story… But that’s not the point, right? Teen Idol is not the book I’m reviewing right now.

Since then I haven’t liked any of her book summaries… Until I see a friend of mine reading the third book, I guess. Then I asked her how much she liked it and she told me it was pretty good, that I must read it, and I couldn’t resist when I really read the summary plot and found out it was a paranormal romance series - which I don’t think it is by reading only this book… It’s kind of a paranormal adventure thing.

This book is simple, fun and too easy for you to read. The Mediator: Shadowland would have been a fast reading if I haven’t been so lazy this past week. Cabot wrote a light and good teen story in 284 pages - that's how many pages the Brazilian copy has. It’s pretty short, or the story ran so fast that I didn’t even realize it.

Suzannah – or Suze – is a mediator, she sees, talks and helps ghosts (or dead people) that haven’t completely gone away yet, whether she wants to or not. But her life is not so good. She has just left New York to leave with her mother and her mother’s new family – filled by a new husband and three young boys. And now she’s going to study in a new school with new classmates that are not as adorable as you might think, except a few.

I got sad for her for leaving her best friend and the city she had grew up in. So I guess I’m weaker than her, because she was extremely strong handling all those things. In her first day at the school, she already got two friends, saved a person-who-i-am-not-going-to-tell-who’s life and got popular, what she hasn’t never ever been in New York.

Fortunately, Suze doesn’t seem to have problems with her “new family”. What kind of annoys her is the fact that an old-young-ghost boy is still “living” in her new bedroom. Hmm. So you think this fact is the book point? Ha! Not really. Cabot cheated me as well. The point is another ghost girl, who still “lives” in her new school, where she finds another person like her – a mediator.

This ghost is a girl who suicide herself because of her boyfriend – who broke up with her – and now she’s trying to take him with her. Awesome, huh? And she still keeps saying she loves him… If you read it, you will know why I’m saying that.

So the book story runs quickly while Suze, helped by the old-young-ghost boy and the other mediator she has found, tries to stop the girl ghost. And it has a kind of happy ending… Until the next book – Ninth Key – which I haven’t read but I’m willing excitingly to (soon!).


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