Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First real post.

Ok. I've created this blog and then I haven't post about WHY I did it. Excuse me if I write something wrong. I'm not fluent in english, you know? So, I've never heard about these blogs "about" books before someone shows me. I started to really like to read a few years ago. Not many years. Since then I've read about 50 books or less. My daddy doesn't give me much money to buy books every month. I started to REALLY ask him for books in October/November of this year, I guess. Everyday I come to my computer to read about these books I want to read, wishing that someday I'll have them. And I will. I've already though about a way to get money: making cookies and stuff like that. Hahaha. Then, I sell them. Ok... Now I'm thinking about reviewing some books I read and post here. I don't know if these reviews will be good enough for you guys to read since my english is not that good. But I'll try, ok? Who knows? Hope you like it.

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